• Add the class .some-class to the element to format it.
  • 10 + 5 = 15
  • The formula for force is f = ma.
  <li>Add the class <code class="code">.some-class</code> to the element to format it.</li>
  <li><code class="code">10 + 5 = 15</code></li>
  <li>The formula for force is <code class="code">f = ma</code>.</li>

Monospaced system fonts are used by default for elements with the .code class for better code readibility.

Keyboard input #

The <kbd> element can be used for keyboard inputs or keys.

  • Toggle dark mode by pressing shift + D.
  • Toggle sidebar by pressing shift + S.
  • Filter docs (when sidebar is open) by pressing shift + F.
  <li>Toggle dark mode by pressing <kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd>D</kbd>.</li>
  <li>Toggle sidebar by pressing <kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd>S</kbd>.</li>
  <li>Filter docs (when sidebar is open) by pressing <kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd>F</kbd>.</li>

Block level code #

For code blocks that require syntax highlighting, we highly recommend libraries such as highlight.js , as these are specifically built to deal with the complex nature of code highlighting and formatting. All the block code containers found on our documentation is using the aforementioned library with a custom theme.

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